Herbicide Ban

The City of Edmonton has a herbicide ban in place to eliminate non-essential use of herbicides on city-owned land. However, there are exemptions that allow for their use. Herbicides may be used to: Remove or control noxious weeds. Maintain golf courses, bowling greens, athletic facilities, sports fields, cemeteries and parks used for high profile events. […]


Why I Serve Edmontonians

I believe that together we can make Edmonton a world-class city where we can raise our families in safe, caring neighbourhoods, and ensure that our children's children can continue to enjoy Edmonton's great quality of life.

We need to get on with the work of building our city. This means everything from having better sidewalks in our older communities to ensuring the success of new projects like the proposed LRT extension through Ward 11.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you!

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